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Thursday, August 11, 2005

If You Do a White Collar Crime then You Will Serve Blue Collar Time

We can only hope that Fitz doesn't fizzle. I think Mr. Fitzgerald's motto should be: "If you do a white collar crime then you will serve blue collar time." Look where he lodged Judith Miller. A few months in a blue collar jail and she was ready to sing. Unfortunately, she says she forgot the words.

And then there is Harriet Miers. Perhaps the covert and the overt reasons for her withdrawal are both off the mark. Maybe, she got a courtesy call on October 26 from Mr. Fitzgerald informing her that she was a person of interest or an unindicted co-conspirator. Even if she didn't, she would probably be called as a witness for those who are indicted. Can she claim executive or attorney client privilege and avoid releasing her writings again. It would be hard for her to serve on the Supreme Court when she is knee deep in such a contROVErsy.


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